Jennifer Bradley

Jennifer Bradley

Ms. Jennifer Bradley joined the National Institute for Public Policy in July 2007, and currently provides on-site support for the Strategic Deterrence Assessment Lab (SDAL) at United States Strategic Command. As an Analyst for SDAL, Ms. Bradley assists in developing Adversary Strategic Profiles.

Ms. Bradley’s other areas of study have included British Muslim extremism and the threat of domestic terrorism, the rise of China and the implications for the United States, declining Russian demographics, and Russian Nuclear Doctrine.

Prior to joining the National Institute, Ms. Bradley worked as a Market Research Associate for Lockheed Martin Missile Defense Systems. During her time at Lockheed Martin, Ms. Bradley produced assessments of Chinese countermeasures to United States Missile Defense, Chinese Cruise Missile capabilities, and Iranian Ballistic Missile capabilities. Additionally, she wrote a brief describing the future of Lighter than Air vehicles in Missile Defense.

Ms. Bradley earned her Masters of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies from Missouri State University in 2007, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics from Eastern Oregon University in 2002.