The Journal of David Q. Little by R. Daniel McMichael was originally published in 1967. It is now re-released with a new Introduction by the author and new Forewords by William Bennett, Brian Kennedy, Keith Payne and Robert Pfaltzgraff to re-sound the warning bell about the erosion on American liberty and rule of law. Despite being written during the Cold War under much different international circumstances, the author’s central theme of the need for an ever-vigilant citizenry to prevent the rise of tyranny rings truer than ever today. National Institute Press: Fairfax, VA, 2012). Softback: $26.00 (+$7.00 s&h)

search-for-mostersIn Search of Monsters to Destroy? American Foreign Policy, Revolution, and Regime Change, 1776-1900 (National Institute Press: Fairfax, VA, 2012). This book explores five notable occasions during which Americans debated seriously the feasibility and morality of bringing about foreign regime change. These case studies demonstrate certain consistent patterns of American thought about regime change but also a significant evolution of views to accommodate new conditions in the international environment and domestic politics. The political and intellectual dynamic of the debates, as well as their particular outcomes, have had major significance for the overall direction of U.S. foreign policy. Softback: $24.99 (+$7 s&h)

countering-wmdOn December 19, 2003, Libya announced to a surprised world that it had decided to abandon its nuclear and chemical weapons programs, as well as its longer-ranged missiles. What occurred during the following months has never been recorded in sufficient detail to inform they key questions surrounding Libyan motivations or to identify lessons learned from this experience. Countering WMD: The Libyan Experience (National Institute Press: Fairfax, VA, 2009) by Amb. Robert G. Joseph seeks to fill this void, providing a first-hand account of the events that led to what many have called one of the most significant nonproliferation success stories of our time. Softback: $19.00 (+$7.00 s&h)

great-american-gambleThe Great American Gamble: Deterrence Theory and Practice from the Cold War to the Twenty-First Century (National Institute Press: Fairfax, VA, 2008). This book examines the past, present, and prospective future of U.S. deterrence theory, strategic forces, nuclear weapons and policy. Based on an extensive review of previously classified documents, it demonstrates how and why U.S. Government policies came to adhere to the guidelines established by the theory of deterrence popularly called the “balance of terror.” The key question now, is to what extent the basic tenets of this Cold War academic deterrence theory provide useful guidance to contemporary strategic policy. Hardback: $29.00 (+$9 s&h)/Softback: $19.00 (+$7 s&h)

security-policyAmerican National Security Policy: Essays in Honor of William R. Van Cleave (National Institute Press: Fairfax, VA, 2007).This work honors Dr. William Van Cleave by highlighting his achievements in the field of U.S. national security and his impact on addressing the fundamental threats and issues that the United States faces in a post-Cold War era. Nineteen senior academic and policymakers, such as Colin S. Gray, Kerry M. Kartchner, Holger H. Mey, Keith B. Payne, Michelle Van Cleave, and David S. Yost, address such fundamental issues as ballistic missile defense, intelligence and counterintelligence, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, defense budgeting and planning, and the virulent threat that rogue states and non-state actors pose to American national security policy. Hardback: $35.00 (+$9 s&h)

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