Our Purpose

The international environment is changing rapidly. The collapse of the Soviet empire and the rise of new, potentially hostile regional powers have transformed the strategic landscape for the United States. The static, bipolar Cold War model of international behavior no longer holds, and the basic assumptions behind decades of U.S. foreign and defense policy need drastic rethinking.

The National Institute for Public Policy devotes its agenda to assessing U.S. foreign and defense polices in this new environment. Founded in 1981, National Institute is a non-profit public education organization that focuses on a wide spectrum of rapidly evolving foreign policy and international issues.

High-quality, cogent analysis is the hallmark of the National Institute studies, books, and articles. National Institute published products emphasize the qualitative factors that have a significant impact on the U.S. position in the world and on making careful researched prescriptions on the necessary adaptations in U.S. policy.

The key to the depth and quality of National Institutes work is personnel. National Institute attracts experienced professional staff members with diverse skills. Leading U.S. and foreign scholars and officials also participate in many of the National Institute’s projects.

The National Institute research and educational program is supported by government, corporate, foundation grants and contracts, and private donors, including from Dr. John S. Foster, Jr., the Sarah Scaife Foundation, Northrop, and Raytheon.