Our Focus

The National Institute for Public Policy devotes its agenda to assessing U.S. foreign and defense policies in the post-Cold War environment. Founded in 1981, National Institute is a non-profit public education organization that focuses on a wide spectrum of rapidly evolving foreign policy and international issues.

  • International Security Issues
  • The proliferation of missiles and weapons of mass destruction
  • The effectiveness of deterrence theory in a post-Cold War framework
  • U .S./allied measures to delay and counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile delivery systems
  • The future of NATO and U.S.-allied security
  • The future of U .S.-Russian political-military relations
  • Russian security strategy and arms control policy
  • The evolution of arms control regimes
  • The future of U .S. strategic forces and the role of nuclear weapons
  • The roles and missions of the U .8. intelligence community in the new security environment
  • The role of air power as an instrument of U .S. strategy
  • The role of ballistic missile defense in US. security policy
  • Emerging transnational threats
  • Space power and policy studies